About Us

Vineyard delivers a real opportunity for clients to manage wealth and maintain desired lifestyles through a set of comprehensive wealth management services and extraordinary client service.

The Vineyard family of companies were founded to provide our customers with exceptional wealth guidance competencies and cohesive investment capabilities that meet their expectations.  We support clients' distinct and evolving goals through highly personalized advice and well-constructed portfolios aligned to their specific financial situations.

At Vineyard, we bear in mind that no single view or result can be expected to occur with absolute certainty,  As such, we operate with a continuously informed view, encompassing a myriad of events, so as to better position our clients for success.  This axiom permeates our portfolio construction and wealth planning practices, thereby uniting two cultures.

For both audiences, our holistic, client-centered methodology offers benefits and solutions derived from the collaboration of multiple team members and affiliates experienced across a range of disciplines and affiliates.

Rather than focusing on one narrow aspect of a client's financial life or global markets, we analyze issues holistically and draw on various types of relevant data.

There are four foundational elements to our interdisciplinary method:

We help clients mitigate the implications of their collective wealth, working to align their objectives with the most effective account and tax structures.

Sophisticated investment strategies have been designed seeking (first and foremost) to quantify risk and potentially mitigate market volatility in offerings that share a common goal and philosophy.

Mechanisms are in place seeking to mitigate the risk of loss of accumulated savings, in the case of unexpected market events or life occurrences.

We strive to provide the tools and functions our clients need to manage capital gains and estate taxes efficiently, distribute accumulation over specified life expectancies and nurture the prosperity of future generations.